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Become a stock market genius.
No tie required*
Remember us when you hit the jackpot.
Bear & Bull is a free stock-trading game for everyone. Inspired by the competitive fun of Fantasy Sports, we help you gain tangible stock-trading skills in a safe and risk-free environment.
 Learn by doing. 

*Unless you like wearing ties, in which case by all means, keep it classy.
Fake Money, Real Bragging Rights.

Pit your money management skills against your friends and enemies.

Start you with $10,000 of virtual cash. Grow it into a pot of gold.

Win bragging rights and the sweet taste of victory. Maybe a few dollars, too.

Learn without all the work.

Learn sound investment strategies from realistic practice in a safe environment.

Look for weekly investing tips and market analyses from our team of experts.

Explore markets and industries that you are unfamiliar with. Dig up hidden gems.

Free fun with friends