The Stock Market Game
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Bear & Bull is the easy way to learn to invest
A game against friends

Play in a private league against as many friends and colleagues as you please.

Weekly match-ups

Just like Fantasy Sports, it's your portfolio vs. theirs in weekly matches.

Make (Fake) Money

Start you off with $10,000 in virtual cash, invest it and try to gain the best return.

Realistic trading

Make trades with real data and live quotes. Learn trading by actually doing it.

No minimum time commitment

Buy on day one and hold for five weeks, or day trade all day, everyday.

Try things out

There are many ways to trade, and Bear & Bull is the perfect place to experiment.

The best way to learn is by doing.
Our method is simple:
1. Focus on one sector at a time

Every sector behaves differently. That's why we only focus on one sector at a time. You'll learn everything you need to do know about one sector during our game.